Read now on Fast Company: What to Do If Your Boss Is Professionally ‘Breadcrumbing’ You


"What to Do If Your Boss Is Professionally ‘Breadcrumbing’ You"

- Gwen Moran, Fast Company

Glad I didn't have to come up with the title because I could not have chosen anything better. However, I AM happy to contribute what I do know... which is 100% NOT catchy headlines.

"To get an understanding of how seriously your supervisor takes employee development overall, watch how they treat their own career development, says Helen McPherson, principal consultant at management consulting firm McPherson Consulting Group. “If leaders aren’t curious about developing themselves, it’s a real indication that they don’t have a growth or learning mindset,” she says. If your supervisor isn’t learning, taking on stretch assignments, and finding other ways to grow, it’s a good sign that they either don’t know how to help your career or aren’t interested in doing so."

Ever been professionally breadcrumbed? Share your experience!