Helen Quoted in HRCI's "3 Ways to Improve Internal Mobility at Your Organization"

3 Ways to Improve Internal Mobility at Your Organization

Clare Ciappetta, HRCI

“McPherson says organizations that embrace lateral mobility also have the opportunity to improve their work environment and culture. It lets employees who feel stifled in their current job move to a new position, giving them the chance to recharge and reconnect with the organization.

This is becoming more customary as the traditional career “ladder” becomes more of a “lattice” that lets employees “move over as they move up,” she says. It’s perhaps a more complicated path, but it can also be more rewarding, as long as organizations communicate with employees on how to navigate it.”

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“I’ve seen organizations have great financial success, look to grow, and hire leaders into middle management positions as the hierarchy expands, only to lay off these very leaders first when times get tough. While these situations are often unavoidable, the main problem lies in why they hired these individuals in the first place.”- Helen McPherson, Principal Consultant at McPherson Consulting Group

Helen's Interview on CEO Money with Michael Yorba

On this episode of CEO Money, Helen gives an overview of her career and weighs in on hot topics in the field of organizational consulting. Topics covered include:

  • Shifting the way we think about generational differences in the workforce

  • Misuse of personality assessments for hiring

  • How technological advancements have affected career paths

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Helen is an independent human capital consultant at McPherson Consulting Group and studied Industrial/Organizational Psychology at George Washington University. She also teaches group yoga classes and is working on her 500-hour yoga teacher certification. She is married and has three young daughters.

Helen’s dry sarcasm and razor-sharp wit are captivating. She is the ultimate audacious, badass woman.