Running a Business Is Hard Work


At McPherson Consulting, we know people, and we know organizations. From strategy and culture to leadership and talent management, we help take the guess work out of managing your business. Because your people can be your greatest asset, but only if you know how to lead them.


Here’s How We Work Together

1. Schedule a consultation
We’ll sit down and talk, free of charge. In this initial conversation, you speak, and we listen. The primary goal of this discussion is clarity. We will walk away with a clearer understanding your needs and how we can provide guidance. You will walk away with a clearer understanding of your path forward.

2. We’ll prepare a custom proposal
After we learn your challenges, opportunities, stresses, and goals, we’ll tailor a proposal to your business needs. We don’t have a formula. We don’t write a prescription. We listen first, draw on our expertise second, and recommend options for moving forward last.

3. We’ll work together
Once we’re clear on where we’re going, we’ll work together to get there. Whether it’s an immediate short-term organizational need or an ongoing engagement, we are your partner throughout the process.



“We love Helen and her team and are so grateful for their insights and knowledge. With their guidance, FĒNOM has come to realize our full potential and continues to work diligently on key issues that affect our practice and patients.”

- Dr. Catherine Bevan,
FĒNOM Women’s Care


We Know It’s Lonely at the Top

You are running a business with lots of moving parts. More often than not, your success has come from your expertise and your passion— and managing people may not be one of those things. We have worked with hundreds of businesses like yours, from huge government contracts to small family offices, locally and nationally, in a wide array of organizational management services.

  • We bring two decades of hands-on consulting expertise.

  • We pride ourselves on academic integrity and rigor, both as student and teacher.

  • We come from a wide array of backgrounds and specialties.

  • We are driven by a deep-down desire to help your business evolve and succeed.